Brian McNicol started his working life as an accountant, then as a self-employed financial planner and tax consultant before entering government for a six-week project which lasted 19 years. Brian followed his father into the accounting profession and was exposed to the stock market at an early age, purchasing shares in companies that his father worked for, or on recommendations from his father’s stockbroking advisers. Brian dabbled in the share market for many years building a portfolio of shares ranging from Blue Chip to Penny Dreadful. Brian has a wealth of experience and has made mistakes along the way. Ask him about negative gearing and interest rates of 18 per cent. He has spoken at a number of large events but prefers talking to small groups or one-on-one with other investors. Today Brian focuses mainly on commercial property both as an investor and as a buyer’s agent through his company Commercial Property Buyers Agency Australia.


Muthu Pannirselvam has had a varied international career that has included university teaching, industry consulting, strategic advising and property investment. Muthu's father was an accountant who worked in a financial institution and his mother was an economics and commerce teacher. Muthu acquired business acumen from a very young age that developed further while he helped his family business. After reaching America in his early 20s, he started to learn more about western economics and business. His knowledge on western economics has grown exponentially after his mentor in the financial world suggested that he read books like The Wealth of Nations where Adam Smith discusses labour, capital, land and technology. Now he joins hands with his mentor and co-author Brian McNicol to extend his property journey mainly in the areas of commercial properties. Muthu was always curious of knowing ‘how things work’ from atoms to space. His curiosity has helped him to hone his skills in research and development. He has developed products in the USA and in Australia and writes programs and codes for mobile and web applications. He is an author and an editor of various technical articles for trades-teaching, and a recent book focussed on technology and smart cities.