“It is great to see Australian writers produce a series of books genuinely meeting Australian needs” (shared our daily post on his Facebook)
-Russell, former Australian military personnel, Victoria


“The best accurate reference to the professional real estate marketwell researched and easy to understand reference, well done. Great book and a great quick assistant.
– Jason John Byron, Property Developer, New South Wales


“I personally liked the detailed overview of various financial and property terms used in Australia. It is my favourite Green and Gold book series.”
– Dr Sasi, Dentist, Victoria


It’s my Time series is a great concept
– Damon, New South Wales


“We read the book and we think (believe) that it will be a useful resource. My son enjoyed reading this book in particular how the building and construction terminologies differ between countries. Thank you for the book.”
– Mawera, Victoria


This book on A-Z of Property and Financial Terms is a complete guide to all aspects, including property structural names, many explanatory graphics and Appendices with check lists. Reading or browsing through will be informative as well as revealing new concepts for many readers. Don’t venture into property and finances without this book.
– Emeritus Prof Robert Shanks, Victoria


“Thank you very much for the book. It is very comprehensive and informative. You are taking the consumer through the entire process. In particular, it will be highly useful for us as we continue our house-hunting. You must have spent a lot of time collecting, compiling and presenting the information.”
– Anu, Victoria