The first book in this series is titled ‘It’s My Time: The A to Z of Property and Financial Terms: Simplifying the language of Property and Finance. It was designed as a resource, a useful reference for terminology, providing reference websites and some basic forms. It is designed to complement our next books in the series. The A to Z of Property and Financial Terms
The second book titled ‘It’s My Time: Setting Financial and Personal Goals – Proven strategies for achieving goals’ is about planning and developing a blueprint for the rest of your life, regardless of your age. Most people have no financial plan, nor a belief that they can be financially free. Many invest in shares and/or property with little thought as to why they are doing so, or how it will fit into their current or future, lifestyle. Setting Financial and Personal Goals
The third book in the series is titled ‘It’s Time: Successful Residential Investing – Fundamentals and emerging trends in today’s property market’ then builds upon the first two and focusses on residential property investment. We will delve into aspects of being a landlord that aren’t included in most books, for example abandoned goods and meth labs. APB Vision2020
The fourth book titled ‘It’s My Time: Introducing Commercial Investing – Mastering the next step in property wealth’ is about commercial real estate. Commercial real estate in the last couple of years has seen an increase in popularity as the yield from residential property declines. Many SMSFs are also looking at commercial property because of the returns and the long-term leases. Mastering Commercial Properties
‘It’s My Time: Planning a Holistic Retirement – A comprehensive guide to health, wealth, relationships and leisure in the best years of your life is the fifth book and covers planning for retirement; not only financially but also how to transition from work life to retirement – where you may live, friendships outside of work, and what you will do to fill in your day without going to work: travel, volunteering, part time work, etc. Holistic Retirement planning
The sixth book, It’s My Time: Strategies in Action – It is now time…is about planning and developing a blueprint for the rest of your life, regardless of your age. It is about taking what you have learnt in the other books and creating a strategy. One of the important things with establishing your strategy is that you follow your strategy, and repeat it, and keep repeating it. This is the secret to financial success: becoming a master at those things that make up your strategy and staying focused. C21 Knowledge